Friday, February 22, 2008

one of those days

as i munch too easily on caramel corn while i make this post (and, i must applaud my husband. at 10 p.m. last night, he allowed me to not only make caramel corn, but to make it for the first time, and, to make it in the microwave. what a patient soul he is.), i sigh. it has been one of those days - those days where i am ready to call it a day, ready to indulge on the tiniest bit of wine, curl up with my honey and enjoy a brainless movie. asher has not napped well. which means he makes this terrible, i mean adorable, noise constantly, mostly a whine, letting me know he has not napped well. he also decided to pee the bed, his clothes, his socks, his new, clean diaper, and the quilt where we change his diaper today. sigh.

but, amidst my tired soul today, this is what i remember: after peeing the bed, asher starts to giggle. perhaps at my sigh, perhaps at my clumsy attempt at trying to keep the "shower" off of anything salvageable, perhaps at the sheer joy of using the bathroom without a diaper on. and, that made me smile, and remember to take his too adorable picture.

i remember how sweet he was being while i tried to capture him sitting up like a big boy. no matter how many times he fell backwards, he always was willing to allow me to prop him up just one more time, and would eek out a grin.

i remember how quietly he sat in my lap, contentedly munching on the camera strap, while i reviewed the pics of the day.

it is these moments that make me say "yes, i love being a mama. let's do it again tomorrow."


Anonymous said...

I hope you do get to curl up with your honey:) Don't you appreciate the quiet and the seeming luxury of a movie or glass of wine (or hot chocolate) or what have you after one of those days? Love to you and your little family, jenny

Rissa said...

Look at that big guy sitting up! I know you are doing a great job as a mama, even on those frustrating days. Asher is starting to give glimpses of what he will look like as a little boy. What a handsome little guy!