Friday, August 17, 2007


or never. that is the question that runs through my head at times. will i have this baby now, or, will it never happen? tuesday is the official date, although i have a gut feeling we will blow through it, without event or occurrence. we are getting really excited - excited to see his or her face, excited to hear their little cry and how to soothe it. and, maybe even excited to go through labor and join that club.

we are currently in the land of no internet, so, although we would like to remedy that soon, please bear with us in our lack of postings. we will for sure post pics of the wee one, though.

love to all. cannot wait to share our bundle with you.

Friday, August 3, 2007

cast your votes....

it's getting close. shall it be stripes or apples....

the bounty....

of our garden. who knew....
  • adequate soil, not found for free in other people's driveways, would make a significant different in the size of our plants.
  • compost, aka fertilizer, was important in growing healthy vegetables.
  • you could actually harvest produce from your garden when you prepare for it in the right season.
  • zucchini plants got so HUGE.
all of these things have been good learning lessons for casey and i. last night, we grilled zucchini and had a fresh green salad, straight from the garden. we are hoping the tomatoes are close behind. thanks to cutler farms (our friends that have taught us so much about gardening), maybe we are on our own way to starting schilperoort farms.