Friday, September 28, 2007

to the moon and back

i have never cried while reading a children's book before. the depth of the words, the wonder of what they actually mean in relation to having a child, have never struck me. i have always seen stories as just that. i have read their words to nieces and nephews without much emotion or understanding... without connection.

and that all changed this morning. while reading a story to asher this morning, i couldn't finish the last page, because, as he intently looked at my face, all trust and innocence, i understood what it meant to love a child to the moon and back. and it made me cry. i understood that no matter where life took him, or what it offered, i would love him to my greatest capacity. and perhaps it is this love that allows me to bear the days of ceaseless crying, the hours in the night i wake up to feed him, the years we will struggle with independence and strong wills, the tragedies that will inevitably come his/our way. somehow to the moon and back does not seem so hard to attain.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


it is amazing to think that casey and i get to witness all of these firsts for asher. he spends his entire day doing something, or discovering something, new, and we get to stand by and enjoy. for instance, his first time to sneeze five times in a row or to find the mobile hanging over his bed, or, to look at his mama's face and eek out a precious little grin (he keeps catching me off guard, so i have yet to have my camera ready to document).

and, casey and i experienced a first last night as well.... eating out as a threesome. for those that talk to us frequently, or know us well, you know that we have a love for eating out. it is the ultimate in date for the two of us, and, provides such great conversation. so, with a little fear and trepidation at how the evening would turn out, we took asher with us for dinner at the kennedy school.
casey wore asher the entire meal, and he slept contentedly on daddy while he enjoyed his bleu cheese burger. we felt like we had triumphed yet another aspect of parenthood, incorporating our child into the things we like to do. i must say we are enjoying having another member to our family.

on another note, these pictures are of asher helping me with the laundry. as you can see, he doesn't like to help mama with the laundry. :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007


asher's new found soothie: his very own thumb. he found it a few times on tuesday during the day, and we have tried to help him find it, but he has a hard time actually extending his thumb unless he does it on his own. but, again today, we were able to document asher sucking his thumb. what a brilliant boy!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

thank you

these are the three beautiful and wonderful women (from left to right: kate, stephanie, and pamela) that were our midwives, coaches, teachers and mentors for the last nine (but lets face it, it is really ten) months. it was so wonderful to be in an environment that encouraged questions, valued our opinion, and sought to guide us in a very healthy and successful pregnancy. pamela was the nurturer, kate the the humor and expert on medical procedures, stephanie the most attentive and kind apprentice. i am so greatful to each of you... you instilled confidence in myself and empowered casey and i in this whole process. thank you for caring and for loving on us. it was an honor.

and for those that are curious, these are a few pics of the birthing center. it was this wonderful old house in SE portland. it felt like home every time we walked through its doors.

Monday, September 17, 2007


this is a video of asher playing with his favorite toy, Patchy the Patchwork Puppy. thank you joel and naomie for this wonderful distraction as we change asher's diaper or give him a little quiet, alone time on the couch.

my boys

as i was nursing this morning, i was enthralled with the idea of having not just one boy in my house, but two. the thought "i love that God blessed us with a boy" ran through my mind as asher took a big gulp and then coughed, followed promptly by a loud fart. he continued to "sing" as i burped him. i love that i approach changing his diaper in fear, never knowing if i will get him changed before he beats me to the punch and showers our couch for the hundredth time (no worries, i have invested in a cleaning solution). and, not only will i be able to tease and pester my honey, i now get the privilege of pestering our little buddy.
what a joy to be surrounded by my boys.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


don't you just want to eat him.... or is it just me?!
(p.s., if you click on the pictures, they get bigger.)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

nap time

a little video treat for you.
sometimes i wish i had the luxury of waking up like that.


asher enjoys sleeping with his arms and legs free... as evidenced by the following picture. casey said i am never allowed to put those "leg warmers" on our son again, but i think they are kind of cute. and, quite practical, if i have a say. one of my favorite things is to watch asher wake up. his arms start to flail or his fingers end up in his mouth. soo cute.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


introducing: Asher John Schilperoort
Born Saturday, September 1, at 12:46 p.m.

7 lbs, 14 oz., 20 inches long.

he is delicious!

ps. we now have internet at our place, so, this will be updated way more frequently. sorry for the delay.