Friday, January 16, 2009

picture hiatus

i started to upload christmas fun to the blog this morning, and realized our USB cable is MIA. so, until it returns, there will, unfortunately, be a pause to the asher cuteness (insert deep sigh from grandparents). the good news: i think i know where it texas.

Monday, January 12, 2009

the plan

it's funny how things work out, isn't it?! armed only with the lone picture frame that sat on his desk and a hard drive full of work from the past three years, casey returned home today, marking the end to his job. had we discussed the possibility that he might lose his job before we were fully supported to work with lahash? yes. did we anticipate it would happen so quickly? no. the weekend provided much time to reflect on "what now, Lord" after casey found out on thursday about the company essentially closing their doors.

what now? that is the question we mulled over a MILLION times this weekend, possible scenerios of how to pay bills and unexpected things like a ghetto fabulous muffler with a GINORMOUS hole. what now as we are only around for five more weeks before leaving for three to tanzania? what now since we have only about an 1/8 of our total support raised?

as these questions flew at us, the place we always returned to, and continue to do so, is what is God's plan for these next months of inbetween? we so often try to arrange and negotiate what we think the future should look like, crowding out the space for God to do amazing things with those not so neat arrangements. so, as we sit in this place of mess and unknown, we are asking what God has for us in today, in the moment? what is HIS greater plan and how is that renegotiating what we do?

will you pray that we will be faithful with that? will you pray that God, by His divine direction, will provide full support if He is opening up a way for us to start with Lahash sooner than anticipated?

may we trust Him with the seen and the unseen.