Saturday, March 28, 2009

over 100

two disclaimers.
1. sorry, not a tanzania post. i will work on that.

2. this is, most probably, for the grandparents and nostalgia's sake only.

this morning, during our rainy, lazy saturday morning, i thought i would write down all of asher's words. we have a pretty good list, and i just thought i would share. we are SOO thankful to have asher back to himself these days. i think the jet lag and culture shock have finally worn off. what a month :) we have been eating him up these last few days. so, here's to lazy mornings and family time.

asher's words at 18 months:
nana (banana)
dadi (daddy)
tow (towel and blanket)
tho (throw)
eh (egg)
peese (please)
ca (car)
tru (truck)
maymay (mailman)
tra tru (trash truck)
moo (moon)
spoo (spoon)
kya (kaya)
ha (hat)
sa (sock)
mi-e (money)
cheh (chair)
t (tv)
ehro (elmo)
breh (bread)
o (cheerios)
heh (hair)
hole (hold)
ruh ruh (run run)
dow (down)
uu (up)
tra (trash)
be (blankie)
ha ha (monkey)
bil (build)
ba (ball)
copta (helicopter or plane)
chu chu (train)
eee (eat)
ju (juice)
no (nose)
oh (yes)
rai (rain)
bubu (bubbles)
mayme (tomato)
uh oh
pata (pasta)
tate (potato)
peh (pear)
aaa (apple)
oor (orange)
babe (cranberries)
pru (prunes)
bak bak (chicken)
tore (story)
tu (tub)
poo poo
pla pa (play park)
par (park)
teh (color)
pa (paper)
ra ra (rock rock, in his chair)
heh (help)
ta (talk, ie cell phone)
bye bye
me (meat)
dada (dan dan, ie dan holcomb)
neh (nette, ie annette anderson)
bu (bus)
pre (pretzel)
me (milk)
dan dan (dance dance)
momo (more)
cli (climb)
juh (jump)
bow bow (bounce)
e (ear)
da (glasses)
do (door)
nah (knock)
nuh (knuckles)
heh (hammer)
du du (duck)
hoo hoo (for owl)
he (heater or fan)
toe (toast)
pe (pizza)
tilla (tortilla)
pay (penny)
pay (paper)
ie (light)
pa (pocket)
han (hand)
te (hot tea or coffee)
chee (cheese)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

we're home

well, the two blog posts was not quite what i was hoping for, but, i can for sure update from home. officially at midnight, we are home and headed to bed. we are exhausted. and we are full in so many ways. thank you for your prayers and support and care for us while we were away and when we arrived home. we are so looking forward to sharing our adventures.

love to all!

Monday, March 2, 2009

we have arrived!

oh tanzania! there is so much to love about this place. today on our way back from market (our first experience), we were riding in the car with esther and amos, bumping along the road listening to the church choir sing swahili, and i couldn't stop smiling. it was exactly where i wanted to be. even after just two days of being with these people, already my heart remains here. hmmm. today has been a good day.

there have been several posts on the lahash blog, so, check them out.

wish you were here!

(i am having trouble with uploading pictures, so, will continue trying with that.)