Wednesday, May 20, 2009

conversations about potty training

mommy: "asher, are you peeing in the tub?"
asher: "oh" (his equivalent for yes).
mommy: "where are we supposed to put our pee?"
asher: "tub."
mommy: "you are supposed to put your pee in the tub?"
asher: "oh."
mommy: "pee pee is supposed to go in the potty. so, where are you supposed to go pee pee?"
asher: "tub."

not necessarily the effect we were going for, but he is taking huge strides. i find it so funny how often the words pee and poop and potty are thrown around the house these days. it provides a certain level of intimacy, don't you think?!

Monday, May 4, 2009

just for fun

i realized how greatly i have slacked at documenting these past months of asher. so, i have really been trying to randomly capture moments here and there. these next two videos capture our daily lives these days.

our small patch of green in the backyard has been lovely. i cannot wait for consistent days of sunshine when i can leave the back door open and let asher roam and dig and poke bugs while i piddle in the laundry room.

and, we have this great dinosaur costume (thanks, johnson family!) that hangs on a hook in asher's room. most often he just likes to point out it is still there, but, on this rare day he wanted to put it on. so i quickly seized the camera, knowing the moment would be short lived. (just for clarities' sake, asher says "oh" for yes.)

i should have known

i should have known after finding this....

...that crawling out of his bed would be the next logical step. of course, we do not have photo documentation. only the thud of him landing on the floor in his room imprinted on our memories. but, no worries. he was so easily distracted, i don't even think he hurt himself. i think he started laughing within minutes. oh asher. what a funny boy you are!