Thursday, April 21, 2011

and, GO!

oh sweet lucy goose! there are so many things i love about you. i love the way you crawl into a room, instantly waving and saying "hiiiiii." i love your need for nearness - how you exhibit that by crawling into our laps EVERY time we sit on the floor, or the way you reach up, hands clasping, asking for a snuggle. and, i love the way you set your mind to something, and then do it.

like today. you decide to start walking, just like that. you took a step. and then you took three. then six. and off you went. we are so proud of you, goosey girl. what a delight you are to have in our family.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


it's true, lucy has not been a fast mover. she much prefers words. words like:
bubbles (bubu)
ball (ba)
night night (ni ni)
no (although it is not my favorite when she says it, man, is it funny. it seems like it takes her whole face to make it happen.)
brother (baba)
duck (du)
please (pleeeee)
eat (eeee)
rock-a-bye (baba ba)
uh ooohhh

her little voice is just so sweet, i cannot wait for sentences to pour from her lips (of which i am sure they will).

well yesterday, we made progress. all of a sudden, this is what we witnessed:

big girl, lucy!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


yesterday, you turned 1. i woke up yesterday remembering a year ago, the beautiful way you entered the world, remembering just how thrilled we were to welcome you into our family and our lives.