Wednesday, July 23, 2008

just because

i feel like asher looks more and more like a little boy and less like a baby every day.  here are just a few of our little boy these days.  asher and i are off to gramma and bumpa's house (casey's parents) today.  we are both looking forward to some time with them.  

enjoy your day!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

june '08

let's see if i can give a run down of june.  
asher started crawling.  as that was the last post we made, i am sure you have seen the video.

asher started pulling up in his bed.  these days, that is the norm, and not just in his bed.  this is what we find in the morning and after every nap, although, the smile is just for the camera, folks.  we have progressed from the stage of trepidation as he teeters shakily and almost allows gouges out his eye to confidently pulling up on anything heavier than he and maneuvering to the other side of it.  

his and hers birthdays.  i celebrated my birthday on the 13th, and casey's quickly followed on the 19th.  not only did our good friends peter and heather come and stay with asher so casey and i could go out for a rare, oh so coveted dinner out (and, if interested, we went for cuban... yum, yum, and more yum), i got to have a ride on their scooter.  i couldn't stop giggling.  thanks peter and heather... seriously, it is such a big deal.  for casey's birthday, asher and i met casey for lunch and a picnic in the park.  and, then, on saturday, two days after his actual day, karen and andy stayed with asher while casey and i went to a late movie.  we got popcorn and watched the next narnia movie.  it is amazing the simple things you enjoy, like movies and popcorn and scooter rides.  we both felt celebrated and enjoyed some time for just the two of us.

and, our first virus rounded out the month.  after three days of a healthy fever (accompanied by "mild" grumpiness), asher broke out in a full body rash.  poor little man.  we had plans the weekend he got sick, but instead of going away, we all just laid low and took long naps (it also happened to be the hottest weekend yet.  without air conditioning, that was a big deal.).  he fared quite well, and it gave casey and i a little confidence.  poor baby.  


oh how embarrassing.  does the post before really read june 9?  has it been over a month.  i must say, i blame the majority of the silence on the fact that our internet has been down almost a month.  stories, if not as many pictures, to follow.
love to all.