Sunday, February 17, 2008

for the grandmas

this post will probably only appeal to the grandmas (where every small detail is anything but small). lately, when going to get asher from naps, instead of finding him in the same position we left him in - head facing the head of the bed, feet correspondingly facing the foot of the bed - we happen upon this:

i am unclear as to how, or why, he rotates this way, but, apparently he is quite fond of it since after every nap, we find him this way. without a doubt, a cheesy smile always accompanies our discovery, almost as if to say "look what i can do, mom/dad. i moved."


Anonymous said...

You are right this Nannie LOVED IT!!! And you are right I loved the cheesey smile!!! What FUN!!!
See ya soon.
Love ya all,

Court said...

Oh Abbe....Asher is just a doll! What a cutie :) I know that you're just loving motherhood.