Sunday, January 20, 2008


asher just wanted to share a few things he was thinking about.
(i really should learn not to take videos in the evening. sorry it is so dark.)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

the maiden voyage

i find myself saying that a lot these past few days. within the course of just today, we have left asher, awake (or awake when we left), for the first time (thank you, auntie jen, uncle keith, and cousins leah and kaya for taking such good care of our little man. thanks for letting him nap at your house) so we could go to a missions conference. or, part of it.

and, we tried yogurt! unfortunately, this is the only picture we got of asher excitedly anticipating this brand new experience.

the entire eating process maybe lasted five minutes, of which asher probably ate no more than a 1/2 teaspoon. but, i was impressed at how he started to "get it." during attempt number two, asher started to follow the spoon, understand it was supposed to go to his mouth, and even opened his mouth a few times. i continue to be amazed at how quickly babies learn. this brand new experience started to make sense after just a few tries. incredible...

the older asher gets, the more i hear and the more i see him looking like a schilperoort. i love that asher continues to look more like his daddy. case in point - his expression in this picture makes me think "classic schilperoort." one eye squinted shut, unable to bear the tartness of something without it influencing the facial muscles. i love it!

the fun can only last for so long. everything must come to an end. but, no worries; tomorrow....steak.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


no matter what the day has held, or what time it is, who could be grumpy when what you find is this?!

which brings me to all the changes in asher these days.
we wake up happy, and quite content, to lay in our bed, quiet, sucking our thumb, looking at nothing inparticular, until mama comes to get us.
and waking up only occurs after a full nights sleep. and by full, i mean 12 hours. yes, casey and i understand this is rare; and yes, we RELISH it.

great pleasure is had in finding our toes, especially when they have socks covering them to tug on.

smiles, giggles, and gurgles. the other night, while doing the standard go-to-sleep routine, instead of nursing, asher looked up at me, got a huge cheesy smile on his face, and started laughing. i did not help the situation by cracking up, which sent us both into hysterics.

and everything goes in the mouth these days. socks, thumb, fingers, fists, thumb, toys, books, fingers, fists, did i mention his thumb.

standing. asher has expressed no interest in rolling over, but the minute you get him in a sitting position, he wants to stand. and, often, he finds this the best time to squeal.

he has taken to sitting on casey's lap during dinner, and following with his eyes much of the food to daddy's mouth. i sense food being introduced to asher's diet perhaps a little sooner than i anticipated.

casey and i comment regularly on what a sweet baby asher is. and, living up to his namesake, he continues to be quick to laugh. these days are very good. we consider ourselves extremely blessed.