Sunday, February 17, 2008

ahhhhh... (relaxing sigh)

the weekend. as i type, i hear casey enjoying the last few moments with asher. the soft words spoken as he lays down in his crib, the occasional coos and giggles coming from the little boy whose desires to go to sleep and spend time with daddy conflict with each other. these are the days i relish, and covet. and what enjoyable days they have been. aside from enjoying the incredible sunshine we experienced all weekend (a rarity we portlanders crave), thought invoking conversations, simple floor time with asher, and accomplishing some to dos at the house rounded out the wonderful weekend. as we close off the day, i sigh contentedly. i have much to be thankful for. i feel challenged as an individual by the sermon we heard today. a sermon focused on reconciliation. a sermon encouraging us to not only seek reconciliation, but to take that a step further by living intentionally in neighborhoods of brokenness; by redistributing more than our resources, but our time, our lives. i feel thankful in my marriage for a man who invests so deeply with his time in our son and myself. a man who would much prefer to feed asher sweet potatoes than be anywhere else. i feel excitement for the future as casey and i continue to process about missions and our involvement in that. for the first time in our marriage, although there has been much conversation, i feel movement. and, although the movement has yet to be defined, i feel God is definitely defining, and refining, in us his purposes. may we continue to seek him humbly, with great passion for what He not only has in store for us in the tomorrow, but what he has in store for us today.

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