Friday, February 15, 2008


i am a lazy blogger. i much prefer to scout out others' blogs than update my own. with the number of posts within the last month, this comes as no surprise to anyone, i am sure. lame, yes; helpful to the family that lives far away, no.

so, without further ado, an update for those that frequent our site (all of asher, of course).
we have a high chair that sits on the kitchen table where asher LOVES to sit.
without a doubt his happiest place. he loves to watch us make dinner or just futz around the kitchen. he spends the majority of his time doing this.

one thing we continue to learn about asher is that he is going to be a mover, all the time. yesterday, this was exhibited by the progression of poses in his chair. i just couldn't help but document. for those of you concerned, no, he did not remain in this position, and yes, we are now strapping him in.


Rissa said...

Abbe! Oh my goodness, Asher is so adorable. He IS a mover! Thanks for the great post. Love it, love it.

When Max saw the last pic of Asher just now, he exclaimed, "Oh no! Baby A-er fall down in there!" and then added a "Baby A-er in there with Buzz Lightyear" for good measure.... which I think basically translates into "I think baby Asher is cool and therefore I will associate him with Buzz Lightyear for no apparent reason."

Thanks for the awesome updates. So fun to be able to see your little guy growing up and taking in the world.

The Hunts said...

Absolutely adorable, as always!! Love you, Jenny