Tuesday, November 27, 2007

counting my blessings

to be thankful... what does that mean? good, ole merriam webster states it as "conscious of benefit received." on several occasions throughout the past two days (and although a few days delayed from actual thanksgiving), i have had specific opportunity to mention the things i am conscious of.

*family and community. the people that pour into our lives, and share it with us, make casey, asher, and i, better people. thank you, family/community/friends, for each being a part of that. thank you for being jesus to us. pictured here are bumpa and gramma with their little man. we devoured their hospitality and fussing over asher during the thanksgiving weekend. thank you, grandparents/parents, for much needed rest, and a date.

*my husband.
watching him as a dad swells my heart to even greater capacities. i cherish him more than i ever have before.

*it goes without saying, we are thankful for asher. what an absolute gift. yea, i cannot sum it up better than that.
*motherhood. even though i have days i miss the freedom and spontaneity of not having a child, i feel as if i have found, and understand, more of myself.

no doubt, benefits received.


The Hunts said...

Love your words. So,so true. Jen

Anonymous said...

AMEN, AMEN!!! Thanks for the new pictures of 'Little Man' Asher. I soak them up.
Love YOU,