Wednesday, December 5, 2007

little man

my sister-in-law, annie, inspires me. no matter what is on her plate, or what her day holds, she always finds time for mini photo shoots of her two amazing boys. learning by example, i took the time today to snap away at asher. whether he was sleep deprived or just being compliant, he gave me a lot of cute smiles. what a sweetie!


Rissa said...

Oh, my. He is so cute! Lucas was just looking over my shoulder and said, "Now that's a cute kid." And you know Lucas... he's not one to go around gushing about how cute babies are. :-)

I'm so glad you took these pictures. You got SUCH great smiles out of your little guy!

Court said...

What a cutie! Hope you guys are doing well!

The Hunts said...

Oh those little teddy bear cheeks--can't wait to kiss them! Love ya, Jen

Annie said...

Great shots Abbe! What a cute little subject you have. I love him! :)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hold 'sweet cheeks' in a couple of weeks!!!! Thanks for the pictures. My Little Man is getting big!!!!
Love you,