Sunday, November 4, 2007


casey and i chose the name asher for several reasons:
a) well, it just sounded cool.
b) it meant happy and blessed.
c) it also meant "a boy quick to laugh."

casey shares a special bond with his dad, in that, they laugh together. usually, it is over something very insignificant, very likely something that isn't even funny except to the two of them. they both start laughing, and it quickly progresses into a high pitched chuckle, eyes almost squinted shut, and a few tears. casey really liked the idea of sharing that with our son as well.

and tonight, it happened. who knew that a wide smile and a simple "hu" from your sweet baby could make your heart flip over. casey and i were just spending some time with asher on the couch, and, i wish i could remember what made it happen, but all of a sudden, asher started laughing. from the hysterical laughter it sent me into, he knew we liked it and continued to do it. who knows if he will do it again any time soon, but you can count on the fact that we will try and try again. there is just nothing more fun than playing with your child.


Annie said...

Cute little Asher! Can't wait to kiss those cheeks sometime soon and hear about TX.
love you,

The Hunts said...

Oh, he is already looking so much bigger and older! Boo on missing you in TX--maybe next time. I hope you had a wonderful trip, but I bet you are happy to be back in your cozy little house with your guys.
Love you, Jen

Court said...

What a cutie!