Tuesday, November 6, 2007

punkin patch

while we were in texas, we went to the pumpkin patch, or more rightly named by my dad, the pumpkin pile. although no match for the places in oregon, we had a good time trying out all the different activities - hay ride, a giant tree house, a fish pond, and the teepees. below are some pics from the adventure.

aunt jaime lovin' on asher.

nanny and papa enjoying asher, and the hay ride.

my brother, bryan, with his two boys, alex and brendan, at the fish pond.

my nephew, alex, on the hay ride.

asher, taken a snooze in the hay. doesn't he look comfortable?!

uncle bryan and asher, hanging in the tree house.

alex and brendan, amidst the punkin pile.

brendan searching for that perfect pumpkin.

of course, after selecting that perfect pumpkin, uncle casey has to help carve the perfect face. this one included a pirate patch, pig nose, and teeth that cross. what a beauty.


Court said...

It's been fun to see pics of Bryan and his family and to catch up on everyone. Asher sure is a cutie!

Nannie said...

And according to Brendan, after taking a step back to view the craved pumpkin, "It's AWESOME!!!" That Uncle Casey sure knows how to impress his nephews, and bring such joy. Blesses this Nannie's heart. It was great having you all here--Thanks for making the effort.
Love you all so much!!!

Jami said...

Abbe Abbe! This is Jennifer, from Jennifer and Rex...I didn't know how else to get ahold of you guys...we sent you a wedding invitation and it got returned-do you have a new address??? my email address is fostertx@gmail.com or you could send it to rex at rexkieth@yahoo.com. I love the pictures of little Asher and hope to meet him someday!