Wednesday, July 25, 2007


we are the schilperoorts. this is our home. come on in. come stay for a while.

that is what runs through my head when i look at this picture (thanks annie for taking this...we are so bad at documenting). we are still just LOVING our place and our new neighbors. God has placed us in a real community, and we are excited to see what it looks like to love on them and be loved, and to share our lives together.

casey and i, before thinking, gobbled up our first tomatoes last night without taking their picture. two, beautiful cherry tomatoes that were calling our names. our backyard has just been a haven, and we cannot wait to have it just the way we want it - overflowing with produce from our garden, a nice rock patio, complete with inviting table and chairs and candles and, no stray cats visiting. i have heard that cayenne pepper keeps them at bay, so, i now have a red border around our yard. we will see how effective it is.


The Hunts said...

oooh, i do want to come in and stay for a while. You are such a good listener, though, abbe I would probably stay for weeks and talk your ear off:) I try to remind myself of that each time before we chat, but it seems i always forget. Anyway, t was good to hear your voice tonight and chat for a while. you are just the loveliest.Jen

Anonymous said...

You guys do have the gift of hospitality. And it's always a delight to 'come and stay awhile'. The door is always open on our end to you too. Thanks for making us always well welcomed. Oh and your new home is wonderful!! We are so excited for you guys!!!
Love you,