Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the latest

i had an appointment today, and as the apprentice midwife that will be at our birth walked into the room, she said "wow. you have grown." only in pregnancy is it acceptable to comment on someone's size, and tell them "they have grown." i love it!!!

so, without further ado. the appointment we had with our midwives today went really well, and provided much reassurance, as well as info, about what birth could like for us. at our follow up ultrasound last week, we learned that my placenta was still somewhat low lying (for those that i haven't talked to, my placenta was close to the cervix, providing for some difficulties with having natural childbirth. with it being too close to the cervix, it causes the placenta to tear away during labor, causing bleeding for the mother and depleting the amount of oxygen to the baby), discouraging at best. but, after talking with our midwives today, we (and i must admit, i) feel very much reassured. although it is still low lying, it is within a range that the technician noted as "doubtfully significant," and, that my midwives do not feel is anything to worry about. they did mention that with it still being within four centimeters of the cervix, it will cause more bleeding during labor and delivery than what they would usually see, but they assured me that it will not come as a surprise, and it will not be something that they will be ill prepared for.

so, all that to say, we will continue with the plan to have the baby at the birthing center. after thinking about the whole situation, i feel even more comfortable having it at the center, knowing that we have three women who will be focused solely upon the health of our baby, myself, and the situation, staying with us the whole time. i feel comforted knowing this is all these women do, deliver babies, and that they excel at their jobs.

thanks for your prayers everyone. thank you, mom, for taking it upon yourself to start a chain of people in prayer for our family. please continue to pray as we get closer and closer.


The Hunts said...

so glad to hear this abbe! will be praying for your birth experience and that sweet babe. love you, jen

Annie said...

Oh good, Abbe! Glad to hear things are looking good and the midwives feel confident. love you!

Anonymous said...

Glad for the good report as well!!!Keeping you close in thought and prayer.
Love YOU ALL so much,