Friday, August 3, 2007

the bounty....

of our garden. who knew....
  • adequate soil, not found for free in other people's driveways, would make a significant different in the size of our plants.
  • compost, aka fertilizer, was important in growing healthy vegetables.
  • you could actually harvest produce from your garden when you prepare for it in the right season.
  • zucchini plants got so HUGE.
all of these things have been good learning lessons for casey and i. last night, we grilled zucchini and had a fresh green salad, straight from the garden. we are hoping the tomatoes are close behind. thanks to cutler farms (our friends that have taught us so much about gardening), maybe we are on our own way to starting schilperoort farms.


The Heads said...

Abbe, I cannot wait to see ya'lls little blessing...I can't imagine how excited and anxious the two of you are. I have been so inspired by your vegetable garden...I would love to start my own...but I think I should start with something small. Maybe a few herbs--haha

Annie said...

Can I plant some Christmas trees at the future Schilperoort Farms? I promise to water them. ;)

The tomatoes you gave us are also getting riper by the day! Cade is LOVING it! Thank you again!