Thursday, July 5, 2007


for all those that have been waiting (especially jaime's mom.... love you diane.)
the belly, at 16 weeks
and at 19 weeks.


and at 29 weeks.

this is the current one, at 33 weeks. seven more weeks to go, and counting.


The Hunts said...

oh i love it, you beautiful mama. did you do a belly cast?! love ya,jen

Mama said...

I'm with Diane, and I too love getting to see the 'growing' in picture, and in person. THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!
We love you guys so much,
Mama, and for Dad too

Rissa said...

Beautiful belly!

Annie said...

So cute!! Love the progression pics. I'm so glad you took those. :)
love you!

The Heads said...

Congratulations, you look so cute...I know your mom is so very excited. Only a few more weeks, Can't wait to see the little one!
Sarah 'Young' Head