Friday, June 29, 2007


i am reminded daily that the baby i carry is a miracle. i was chatting with a friend yesterday, and she saw her good friend give birth to a beautiful little boy, and the thing she kept thinking was "today is a momentous day, for a new life has come into the world." i think about our own momentous day, when God will work this miracle of labor in my body, and produce from that a new person who has been growing inside me, a new life that He created. a person He has chosen for casey and i to care for, mentor, and love love love. it is a miracle, truly.

it is a miracle to share a pregnancy so similar with amy (dear, long time friend, sister, whatever). we have found out that our due dates (according to our ultrasounds) are exactly the same, we have each experienced the same minor complications, like anemia and low lying placentas, and, amy is carrying a boy and we think we are too (although, if you are a little dolly, baby, we will joyously welcome you and shower you in pink). i see God ordaining this experience for us to share, to journey together, perhaps for no other reason but companionship and someone who understands.

the female body, how it works and nourishes a life, how it delivers that life, is truly miraculous. i have been reading this book about birth, written by a women who has had much influence in the midwifery model of care and have marvelled at her research about labor, the things she has seen the female body accomplish. she made one statement to the effect of "God did not create randomly or without design." i marvel at God, at this unique, amazing, incredibly bizarre process.

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Annie said...

Beautifully said, Abbe. We, too, anxiously and patiently (can we do both?) await the arrival of our new precious nephew or niece. I can't wait to pick out a super-cute little outfit. :) Because that is what I do.