Tuesday, June 19, 2007


i feel like that is all casey and i do for the month between memorial day and the end of june. our anniversary was the end of may, and both of our birthdays are in june.

yesterday was casey's birthday, and we have celebrated the last four years together. i celebrate the man he is in my life. i celebrate his friendship and how he is my best friend, the one i would choose in any line up or for any occasion. i celebrate the idea of him as father - how he will devote himself to being the best dad, example, and mentor he can be. i celebrate his victories and failures, knowing they have made him who is. i celebrate the idea of a long future, a family, a devotion shared for years and years to come.

thank you, casey. may you feel celebrated, adored, blessed.
i love you.

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The Hunts said...

ooh, tears in my eyes. sweet words abbe....loving your love for casey, jen