Friday, June 8, 2007

ah, the joys...

of pregnancy. today i am at 29 weeks, and four days, well into my third trimester. it is hard to believe that in almost ten weeks, casey and i will have a son or daughter, a new addition to our little family. it is hard to believe that we will begin this entirely new journey with so many new things to learn and process and share. yesterday i had an appointment with my midwives, and as they pushed around on my growing belly, they were able to identify the placement of the head, the back, the butt, and the feet. i am still in awe of God's amazing work in creating life, in his plan to place that inside women's body.

pregnancy details:
the pregnancy has been going great. i felt really good during the second trimester, mostly enjoying the interaction with the little one in there. casey is wonderful, and continues to rub my belly when i get uncomfortable or when the baby is kicking. this picture is of me at the coast with the ladies from the office. i was at 26 weeks, so, have grown since then.

more belly to come.


Annie said...

Yay Abbe! I'm so pleased to see you've joined the world of blogging!! :) It was fun to peek at Garrett and Mandy's site too. Love you!

Kathy said...

Oh you are getting so close! Yay! And your pic by the ocean is so cute.
I miss you so much! I'm so excited you have a blog now!!

Keith and Jen said...

This is fun. We actually have a blog, too, we just don't put anything on it and I don't think it actually "exists" in cyberspace yet and I don't remember the password. It was a great idea I had at one time and then somehow it never came to fruition. What a huge surprise. But now I can add yours to my bookmarks and check it all the time. Obviously Annie is already excited. Someday we will join as well. But not today. We will just have fun reading. LOVE YOU!!!

Joyce said...

Hi sweet Abbe,
I'm so happy to learn about your blog. I want more pictures please, lots more. I want to see your home and yard and your mom and your belly.
I am sitting next to Jenny and one of the cutest babies in Salt Lake City, Sam. They both say Hi!
I love you lots,

Anonymous said...

I'm so incredibly excited to see pictures of you and casey and learn about your life. It sounds oh so full of fun! I was in the Portland airport yesterday for a quick 40 minutes and thought of you the whole time. I love you and am looking forward to planning a time to come up! Hugs and Kisses to you all (3).