Wednesday, June 20, 2007

friends and family

tomorrow marks the last day of our stretch of company. danielle came, and i do believe the time passed too quickly (although i am sure she enjoys being back in her city, her stomping grounds). after too many years of quick lunches or a fast coffee together, it was fun to have days, endless conversations, and spontaneous laughter sessions together. i saw how friendships change over seasons, over years and maturity and growth. i cherish the times that danielle and i spent in laughter fits in her pink room in high school and late night cravings during sleep overs. but i treasure learning from my friend, hearing her perspective on life and how it has shaped her. i treasure that although separated by much distance and time and even very different personalities and lifestyles, God has given me a friend in her. love you, friend.

and my sweet mom.... she has spent the last five days serving casey and i. first by coming to my baby shower and blessing me in prayer, then by making us snacks and dinners and picking up our laundry. and, most of all, by painting our living room. dad, she didn't even get any paint in her hair. as i get nearer to my own journey of becoming a mom, i understand and appreciate my own. she selflessly gives, nurtures, cares, and gives some more. what examples i have in both of my mothers. what legacies to follow.

it has been a whirlwind the last three weeks. but i feel casey and i have walked away from it blessed. blessed by the relationships in our lives and blessed to give of our home and our space. may our home be an extension of love and peace. and, may it always provide an excuse for us to go out for dinner.....

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The Hunts said...

praise the Lord for mommas...they are such an extension of His unconditional love for us! and, yes, we thank Him for take out as well:) Jen