Wednesday, September 1, 2010


today, asher, you turn three! i am feeling kind of emotional as i write, and i think it is because here, in tanzania, there is no pressure for elaborate parties or gifts. today, i get to focus on celebrating you, my son. celebrating who you are and who God created you to be. and, i am aware at how you have shaped me. how you have changed me. and i am so thankful.

thank you for the vivacity at which you enter life. at times that means life is tragic and desperate and all around terrible, but most of the time, that means life is full of excitement and distinct color and light. you take such delight in things and that has taught me how to celebrate the little things more. you are intuitive and tenderhearted, and that challenges me to be more aware. you have so much energy, and that prompts me to put a little more bounce in my step, a little more gusto to my day.

we are so thankful for you, asher! happy birthday, little man! we love you.


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday sweet Asher! How fun to turn three while having adventures in Africa, sounds pretty great to me! Three has been a wonderful age around this house--I think you're gonna love it! All our love to you and your fabulous family, The Hunts

Keith and Jen said...

We said a really loud "Happy Birthday Asher-in-Africa!!!" today - did you hear it??? The girls' other idea was "Let's just call him on the phone!" Well... anyway... suffice it to say - we are very aware that it is Asher's birthday, and so glad we got to celebrate with him before he left! Love and hugs to our sweet Asher John, from Leah and Kaya and Uncle Keith and Auntie Jen.

Leisha said...


"G'night, Gus!"