Thursday, September 2, 2010

a birthday breakdown

- chocolate chip pancakes cooked over a kerosene stove, complete with birthday candles we blew out twice. casey ROCKED the pankcakes...they were awesome!
- a treat of grapes for lunch. casey calls them "slip skins" because that is what he called them growing up. the inside fruit slips right out of the skin.
- an afternoon time playing with our friends, kiarra and kaiya. they played with beach balls and water balloons and baby doll strollers. they had juice and popcorn and basically transplanted america into the sand and expanse of dodoma :)
- a dinner of lasagna and fruit salad, complete with a homemade birthday cake topped with dinosaurs! it was amazing! our friend, tiffanee, definitely went all out.
- fun conversations during our walks to and from church and to al and tiffanee's. - we had a relapse before bed when mommy fell apart and cried for a while, but, we are learning that is all a part of this experience. casey and i had a great conversation and hopefully we can translate that to asher as well. please lord help us be intentional and provide perspective in this experience and especially to our little boy. help us grow closer to each other and closer to you. thanks for celebrating with us around the world. asher received so much love from all of you, even though we are far away. love love to you!


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU FOR TAKING US ON ASHER'S 3rd birthday!!!! It was wonderful for you little man to see what is important in anyone's birthday or special time event!! 3 things -- EACH OTHER, IN LOVE & EXPRESSING THAT LOVE IN SOME WAY THAT COMMUNICTES LOVE, JESUS!!! And all those things were VERY PRESENT YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB DAD & MOM!!!! And isn't it neat how God just showed up to communicate His Love for each of YOU through others, friends, & special little things like beach balls, water balloons, strollers, new friends, & A TASTE OF AMERICA!! And ending your day in worthy conversation!! I KNOW HOW HARD IT MUST BE & MY HEART & LOVE IS THERE WITH YOU!! I couldn't be more PROUD OF YOU GUYS!!! And God was definitely present saying, "See how much I'm with YOU & LOVE YOU!!!!!" Hang on to these moments to help build your faith for the next time.
Until we talk!! Love with all my heart!!!
Mama for Dad too

Annie Schilperoort Photography said...

Sounds like a wonderful day (overall). I second much of what your mama said Abbe. Love you guys!

Melenie said...

Oh my gosh I can't believe that my little buddy Asher has turned 3 yesterday!! (Happy birthday pumpkin, we miss you). You guys are amazing and we love you very much. These obstacles you are faced with all are part of an incredible plan and I am so sure that you will depart Tanzania with bulging hearts and the best of memories. Lots of love to you guys.