Friday, July 2, 2010

the beginning

asher is an excellent big brother. he is attentive, affectionate, helpful, and even doting towards his little sister. of course he has his moments (and tends to roar at lucy like a lion when she is crying), but the transition from only child to older sibling has gone remarkably well. we had some rough patches in there with his behavior and response towards us, but from day one, lucy has been a part of the gang.

so, imagine my delight last night as we drove (around in the camper van of course, but this post is not about our delight in it, although you know we do) to dinner when i heard a little giggle from lucy. asher was fake laughing, i believe, and it just set lucy off. i melted. to hear asher interacting with lucy, trying to make her laugh, and then to hear her respond, took me down a path they will travel through childhood. brother and sister, sharing stories and giggles and toys (all without any bickering or nagging, of course). i am so glad asher is obliging and continued his fake laugh because we got to hear her giggle several more times. i know i desire for them to be close as they grow up. playmates and confidants and counsel for the other. who knows what the Lord has in store for their relationship as they grow and change and choose their lifes' paths. but i do know one thing. this mama will delight in each shared moment she is privileged to witness. here is to the beginning of those moments.


kathy said...

I love love love this. I know that I am blessed and a better person because of my siblings.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading about your family and we loved your pictures.

May God Bless Your Family!

Kerwin and Vicki