Thursday, October 9, 2008

thank you!

to our dear friend, rosemarie - who is currently spending her next 7 days in liberia; who continually offers her skill and passion for photography to benefit our family photo archives - thank you. i absolutely love these!


mrswumbe said...

OK you guys....indulge me please, but I cannot believe how much Asher looks like Jordan did at his age! The photo with the blanket or pillow esp brought back memories...I will have to send you some of Jordan's toddler pictures sometime so you can compare.

Nannie said...

These pictures are FABULOUS!!! Thank YOU too Rosemarie. One minute I think Asher is Casey made over, then I see Abbe in those eyes. He's just getting too big on us. I NEED A NANNIE VISIT and if I do so does PAPA. How we love ya,

Kimberly said...

Beautiful pics of a beautiful family. So glad to see your smiling face :)