Sunday, October 5, 2008


this was one of those weekends you cherish - slow restful days filled with not much schedule and lots of rest. we had lots of time to just be together and enjoy our now well, and happy, little boy. today asher made great progress in walking, and for most of the day, taking steps was his preferred mode of travel. still lots of up and down, but he is determined. i just LOVE watching him toddle. here is a little taste for you, too.

and, because i love his excitement in this one (although short and poorly shot).


Jenny and Joel said...

Isn't it wonderful Ab? One of my favorite things thus far as a parent has been to see those first little toddles! Asher is so,so precious and I was SO excited to see his little steps. Love you friend, Jen

Mama said...

Oh it was so good to see the updates at last. Our Little toddler! Wow, and I agree bathtime was so sweet. And we are so glad that his truck was helping him to take those first steps. Yeah. And to see how God is leading in your lives, we praise HIM with YOU!!

Garret & Mandy White said...

Is that Grandpa Lou?? - Love Garret