Tuesday, May 20, 2008

to every season....

i feel like all of a sudden, asher has decided to grow up. within the past week, his new "tricks" are limitless, including, but not limited to:
* pulling up to standing on the guest bed. he just grabbed on one day, and decided he wanted to look out the window.
casey and i were both surprised. he gets so pleased with himself that he just starts giggling. i love it!
* going from his back, to his stomach, to sitting. again, surprised. but, he did it like he has been doing it forever.
* feeding himself bits of whatever from his tray. bread is still the easiest, but, he is getting the hang of other things.

he still refuses to crawl, but i kind of think he will go from pushing backwards while on his tummy to walking.

so, with all these milestones, i begin to think "is he already nine months old?!" i am asking the question of what it looks like to be present in every day. present in the season of having a cold and perhaps not such a great attitude, while still having a baby who desires to discover new things. present in the busyness of life and still taking time for the simple moments. present with my husband even though the bed and sleep call loudly from the other room. present as a friend to those whose schedules bend more easily than ours. hmmmmm.... what does that look like exactly?!

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The Hunts said...

First, hurray for Asher! Secondly, one of the things I have always loved about you is that when in your company I always feel that you are present and mindful. SO much so that I usually talk your available ear off! So, I say just keep on being mama abbe, wife abbe, friend abbe etc. and know that those around you feel loved. The times that you are overwhelmed or sick or just plain tired will be covered by grace, grace, God's grace. Love you friend, Jen