Thursday, May 15, 2008

get a load of this do...

i can't write long, but, i could not help but document this moment. i mean, how cute is that?! i remain unconcerned, however, as, his daddy's hair was just like this as a kid, and, look at his hair now!!!

asher and i are off to the zoo.
the sun has come out and brought with it warmth. these water-logged and bleary-eyed portlanders are going out to dry. (the last picture is of our first dinner, al fresco, on the patio casey made. well done, casey diaz. i am looking forward to many more evenings of the same.)

enjoy your day.


annie said...

Have fun at the zoo! Maybe we can all go together sometime - we are planning to go see the dinosaurs soon! (I think that opens Sat so we'll probably wait a week or so). Would Saturday morning work to take pictures?

Mama said...

I know you guys had a good time at the zoo. Asher you are changing all the time!!! And a great mohawk!!!! I agree with Abbe, Casey the patio is wonderful--GOOD JOB!!! Your dining is only going to get better!!
Blessing on your day!!
Love ya

rissaroe said...

Ummmm... yeah, this basically made my day. Adorable.

Hooray for sun in Portland!