Thursday, June 5, 2008


casey and i had our fifth wedding anniversary on the 26th, and, to celebrate, the three of us ventured up to the olympic peninsula and hung out in a cabin for four days. it was wonderful!! we spent a good bit of time outside, at the kitchen table (eating, and, whispering quietly so that asher wouldn't hear us in the adjoining room while he took his naps), reading, and just relaxing. here are a few pics from our weekend.

doesn't just looking at this cabin just make you want to slow down and relax?

just enjoying the sunshine from the porch.

asher spent a good bit of time in the moby while on our trip. he loves it in there, and, it lets him look around without getting into anything! (this lake was just down the path from our cabin.)

classic asher face... it just makes me smile!


MKN said...

What Fun!!! Yes that cabin makes me too just want to slow down and relax!!! Congratulations on 5!!!!! Thanks for the classic look!! He is so growing and changing again!! Looking forward to when we all get together again.
Love you,

The Hunts said...

Oh my--soooo beautiful! You all look wonderful too. Asher is moving from super cute to beautiful I think. Those eyes, my gosh. So happy you had some family time away in the mountains. Love ya, Jen

rissaroe said...

Congrats on a big five years! So glad you all were able to get away to celebrate- the cabin looks awesome.