Friday, April 25, 2008


casey and i live in a corner of the country where all things are considered, everything is scrutinized and thoroughly debated. and, although there are times i wish i didn't have to think about the produce i bought and where it came from, or the tshirt i "splurged" on that was possibly manufactured who knows where by whom, i am thankful for the way it challenges me to think about things. to think about things and the way my life, even in its small way, affects large scale situations. one of the things we have recently considered is the stimulus plan and the rebate we will all be receiving within the next month, and possibly monday at the soonest. although there are about 101 ways we could use the money, and wisely i think, casey and i have decided to give that money away. it has been a process of conversations and getting informed.

we would encourage you to check out this website called RISE. a person from our church has been very involved in getting it running, and, i so appreciate their mission of informing people and encouraging thought. of the many statements they make, this is one:
"By all means, those who need the rebate should spend the money to help meet their family’s needs. However, not everyone who will receive a rebate needs the money. Those who are blessed with education, health and financial means have an almost unprecedented opportunity to use the rebate windfall to assist those who have none of those things."
so, today we challenge you. should you not need the money, perhaps consider donating it to someone who does.

sidenote: RISE does not take donations or contributions. it simply exists to help people think through the stimulus packages and ideas of how they could be used.


Keith (and Jen) Johnson said...

Hey Casey and Abbe,
Love the thought provoking heart conveyed in your post. And the Rise website is way cool. What a great way to creatively share one another's burdens and live out our love. We're so thankful for you guys and appreciate all the amazing ways you reflect God's goodness in this world. Love you!

carol rohrer said...

We bought Kristin a newer vehicle to start her "post-college" life out with. We didn't trade in the well used 4-/Runner and were planning to sell it outright. Kristin gave us the thought yesterday that we could donate it to Camp Redcloud since it is a 4X4 vehicle and has some good use left in it. After I read your remarks today, I really am convinced we need to go that route or another donation route. Larry and I are more than blessed financially and it is great to have another opportunity to share those blessings! Love you!!