Monday, April 21, 2008

when do you clean your fridge....

if you never move? this is a question i asked myself this morning while peering into my freezer, seeing an unknown "something" frozen to the bottom of the freezer door. perhaps it was that package of spinach that thawed and then refroze on accident??? for the first time in the history of our marriage, casey and i are celebrating the one year anniversary of being in the same place, and, plan on staying for a while. it is the first time we will have an address for more than one year, allowing other people the chance to write our address in their book in pen and not pencil. and, it is the first year that the cleaning of the fridge (if it gets to number one on the priority list) is an elective choice and not something mandated by the property management company.

we are so thankful for our home. we are thankful for a place to be and grow and welcome others into. if you find yourself in the northwest, please come stay. we would love to have you.


erin said...

oh abbe...i feel your thankfulness. we share the same. it seems that everyday i look around our home and think the simple word, "content." what a great place to be in life! i sure do hope to come visit someday. you have the same invitation from us!

Mom said...

It must be a great feeling!!! And your home is definitely warm and welcoming to all. We truly are happy for you guys.
sending love,