Sunday, December 9, 2007

growing boy

here are two fun videos (and, maybe you should think of them more as audio files) of the things asher is doing these days.

a little daddy time. casey is heading off to orlando for business tomorrow, so he is getting in as much asher time as he can (the dark figure above asher is casey, and, yes, the noises coming from the bed are asher's happy noises).

and this video requires no explanation... we LOVE to listen to him giggle (like casey mentions at the end of the video, sorry the quality is so bad).


Anonymous said...

I am so THANKFUL FOR BLOGS!!! To hear your voices, helps with the waiting time. THANK YOU for doing this. Casey, we are praying for you, and Abbe and Asher we are praying for you too with Daddy away.
Love you all,

Annie said...

That was precious...thank you for helping to cheer me up. Asher's giggles are too much...and the happy baby noises. I think he'd love a johnny jump-up. I hope you are warm and cozy at Jen's.