Friday, August 17, 2007


or never. that is the question that runs through my head at times. will i have this baby now, or, will it never happen? tuesday is the official date, although i have a gut feeling we will blow through it, without event or occurrence. we are getting really excited - excited to see his or her face, excited to hear their little cry and how to soothe it. and, maybe even excited to go through labor and join that club.

we are currently in the land of no internet, so, although we would like to remedy that soon, please bear with us in our lack of postings. we will for sure post pics of the wee one, though.

love to all. cannot wait to share our bundle with you.


Chelsea Hudson said...

Hey Abby! Not sure if you remember me.... Chelsea Hudson from JBU? Just found your blog today! Great to see you guys!! And congrats on the upcoming bundle!!!! I am preggo with #2.. hard to belive! Our first, Adelaide is 20 months old and so much fun! John and I live in Berlin, Germany... and have been there about 2.5 years. Probably heading back this December sometime. Talk to you later!! I have a personal blog.. for more updates and pictures.

The Wilkins said...

Oh Abbe! What an exciting time. Counting off the days..maybe even hours until you get to see your new babe for the first time!! One of the best things you'll ever get to do!!! Yes, it does start to feel like the day will NEVER come but it will and soon. Praying for you guys!

kel said...

abbe! i found your blog today through jenny and joel's. it was fun catching up on your life. everytime i get a chance to talk to your mom at church, i always bug her about how you are doing. :) though, i have a feeling she really doesn't mind giving me an update. haha can't wait to see pics of your new little one. i'll be praying for you during these last few weeks.

Court said...

Hey Abbe ~ I check in daily to see if there's any news of your little one's arrival....we're praying for you all!

sarahd said...

Casey and Abbe! For crying out loud (you're probably hearing that very sound as you read this!) I'm sure you've had that baby by now and you really should update this blog. I'm dying to know if you have a son or daughter and their name and all the fun labor and delivery details. Please share it ALL! And SOON! With LOTS of pictures! Our church is eager to get an update! We love you and miss you!
Sarah - for all the DeYoungs and FBCSS