Monday, May 4, 2009

just for fun

i realized how greatly i have slacked at documenting these past months of asher. so, i have really been trying to randomly capture moments here and there. these next two videos capture our daily lives these days.

our small patch of green in the backyard has been lovely. i cannot wait for consistent days of sunshine when i can leave the back door open and let asher roam and dig and poke bugs while i piddle in the laundry room.

and, we have this great dinosaur costume (thanks, johnson family!) that hangs on a hook in asher's room. most often he just likes to point out it is still there, but, on this rare day he wanted to put it on. so i quickly seized the camera, knowing the moment would be short lived. (just for clarities' sake, asher says "oh" for yes.)


Keith and Jen said...

Oh my goodness, how can I not comment on that utter cuteness!!! So fun. Good job capturing the dinosaur moment - he is so adorable. Can't wait for Thursday - Asher Day!!!

Nannie said...

It was wonderful to wake up to Asher this morning!! Good job digging, Asher & filling your truck. And Asher I love your roar like a dinosaur!!! And your smile makes me smile!! Thanks for the fun this morning.
Love you all so much!!