Wednesday, May 20, 2009

conversations about potty training

mommy: "asher, are you peeing in the tub?"
asher: "oh" (his equivalent for yes).
mommy: "where are we supposed to put our pee?"
asher: "tub."
mommy: "you are supposed to put your pee in the tub?"
asher: "oh."
mommy: "pee pee is supposed to go in the potty. so, where are you supposed to go pee pee?"
asher: "tub."

not necessarily the effect we were going for, but he is taking huge strides. i find it so funny how often the words pee and poop and potty are thrown around the house these days. it provides a certain level of intimacy, don't you think?!


Annie Schilperoort Photography said...

I love it ~ what a funny boy! :) I'm pretty glad our potty-training days are behind us (for these two anyway)! But there have been ongoing funny things most seeming to involve pee. Like yesterday when Johanna decided to pee standing up like Cade. And then walked it through the house via her feet to tell me how there's pee all over the bathroom floor and she's 'soaked.' Bathtime, some mopping, and starting a load of laundry and everything was good as new! Hopefully lesson was learned though. :)

Court said...

wow - you're already potty training?! way to go momma & asher! maggie is NO where close to starting :(

the schilps said...

courtney, it has been a conversation kind of since birth, so, i feel like asher just knows what we are talking about. and, he seems aware. every kid is so different, and, just the other day he peed on the floor three times. so, a work in progress. but, i do feel like the conversation about his body and what it is doing is so helpful. you guys will settle into a routine. i think getting used to being family and how you guys work together is a big enough mile marker for you guys.

Mama / Nannie said...

I LOVE IT!! Asher you are such a big boy!! We just have to aim it in the right place!! It's hard to believe you're at that stage. M & M's work pretty good for some!?! Good to hear what's going on.
Love YOU guys so mucH!!

Kathryn said...

too cute!

The Klentzmans said...

and the conversations last for many doesn't end with potty training like you would think, then there are the issues of wiping and inspecting and talking about the baby's poops. ah the conversations of a mommy!