Sunday, February 22, 2009

thank you, gramma

casey and i made time to go to gramma (aka daubin) and bumpa's house this weekend for a quick farewell before we take off on our trip. sunnyside is restful for so many reasons, and we needed a little reprieve. along with resting, asher had his first official haircut. looking at the before pictures, i now completely agree it was time, and necessary. he does not wear long hair as well as his father. i even think he feels lighter :) so, thanks gramma. thanks for paying, thanks for providing distraction, and thanks for the touch ups after the wrestling match at the salon.




kin'xp said...
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Jenny said...

Awww, somehow he looks younger and older all at the same time:) You sure can see that adorable face better. Makes me wonder what Sammy looks like under all of his hair! Love you and thinking of you lots in these days leading up to your trip, Jen

Nannie said...

He's become a little man. How cute he looks. And I think he knows he's pretty cute too!! Asher you look handsome!!
Sending our love,

Kimberly said...

I love it! He looks so cute!

BJ said...

Asher is so cute!
Let me know where I can send some for you ministry, please. I lost your letter before I got the check sent.
love you,
bonnie (Megan's mom)