Monday, February 2, 2009


we return, along with our returned usb cord. thanks, mom and dad! i had to take a moment to record; i am absolutely giddy! promptly at noon, a nice young fellow delivered a huge box of fresh produce, thanks to the generosity of two great new friends. as i sit and look at the overflow of chard, turnips, pears, mushrooms and satsumas, i am quickly reminded of the abundance that God bestows on His kids. i feel as if casey and i are sitting smack in the middle of God's generous and overwhelming provision. it made me realize that i am not so quick with praise when jobs are in place and bills are easily met, and yet, we are no less in need of His provision. so, generous bestowers of the above bounty, thank you for not only filling our stomachs, thank you for joining in His provision for us.


Mama Kitty said...

Not only does He provide BOUNTY for His children, He does it uniquely for each child. I wouldn't know what to do with a turnip, but He knows your desires, and provides healthy food. Matt. 6 We rejoice and Praise HIM with YOU!!!
Sending OUR LOVE,

Jenny and Joel said...

When I read this I was thinking exactly that Mama Kitty:) Some of my greatest memories of prayers answered above and beyond were when my dad lost his job. It was simply miraculous the specific, lovely ways that He provided for us. Praying with you during this time, Jen