Tuesday, October 23, 2007

so many things - hello and goodbye

i feel as if there are a slew of things that need to be posted to the blog - our final appointment with our midwives, casey completing the patio, tummy time, our fifth annual pumpkin carvnival. in order to catch up, i am going to attempt to make several posts, contingent upon a cooperative certain someone.

we had our final appointment last week thursday with our midwives. what a bittersweet moment. to some extent, i feel like we are saying goodbye to family. pamela, kate, and stephanie invested in our lives so heavily for the last 11 months, providing support, wisdom, care and concern. it was so much more than just appointments when we would see them; it was a relationship. with final goodbyes being said and hugs given, i am so glad they are not far away and maintain a very open door policy. many many thanks and much love to all three of you.

and, through the encouragement of one of our midwives, asher had his first tummy time the other evening. as you can see, he thoroughly enjoyed it. and, i think daddy did too.

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The Hunts said...

That looks like a GREAT first tummy time! Go Asher, strengthening those muscles:) Love ya, Jen