Tuesday, October 2, 2007


on sunday, kevin and annie, and cade and callum, came over and had dinner with us. it was soo fun to spend time with them and catch up a little bit. we had such a good time watching cade and callum interact with asher, and to get a glimpse into a day in the life of having boys. we just enjoy the boys so much, and cannot wait (although, i am sure i will recant this statement in the future at some time or other) when asher is older and up and running. if you want to see more pictures, go to kevin and annie's site... she is sooo much better at taking and posting pictures than i.

ah, bath time. asher just loves it. we bathe him in the kitchen sink, and he will just lie there and look up at you contentedly. it is really cute when he gets his legs going.


The Bittle Family said...

Abbe - I just love the pictures you take of little Asher. It is so fun watching him learn about the world around him. He seems so content and curious. It's amazing how easy it is to spend an hour just watching their ever expression and move. Thanks for sharing some of your special moments with us!
Love, Kristi

The Hunts said...

okay, seriously Abbe, he is sooooo cute! He looks like such a laid back little fellow, which is not a big surprise:) I love what Annie had to say on her site about you as a mama--I can totally see that. Love to you friend, Jen

Mama said...

It's so good to be able to stay up with our little guy, and you all through your blog. Ministers to this Papa and Nannie's heart. YOU ARE LOVED!

Anonymous said...

Papa White needs more pictures of that great looking, cuteeee, smart grand kid. He really is growing and looking more and more like his dad. Love ya Dad
P.S. Better known as PaPa

Cherissa said...

So cute! I loved the pics of you with Asher and Cade and Callum on Annie's site. Thanks for the link. And you and Casey and Asher make such a cute little family!! I wish I were there to take a bunch of photos of all of you.

Much love and many prayers for the three of you.