Monday, September 17, 2007

my boys

as i was nursing this morning, i was enthralled with the idea of having not just one boy in my house, but two. the thought "i love that God blessed us with a boy" ran through my mind as asher took a big gulp and then coughed, followed promptly by a loud fart. he continued to "sing" as i burped him. i love that i approach changing his diaper in fear, never knowing if i will get him changed before he beats me to the punch and showers our couch for the hundredth time (no worries, i have invested in a cleaning solution). and, not only will i be able to tease and pester my honey, i now get the privilege of pestering our little buddy.
what a joy to be surrounded by my boys.


SwogDog said...

He's wearing a Totoro! Nice.

Mom said...

Amen, I know how you feel.
with love,

Annie said...

I feel the same way. :) Love you!