Thursday, September 27, 2007


it is amazing to think that casey and i get to witness all of these firsts for asher. he spends his entire day doing something, or discovering something, new, and we get to stand by and enjoy. for instance, his first time to sneeze five times in a row or to find the mobile hanging over his bed, or, to look at his mama's face and eek out a precious little grin (he keeps catching me off guard, so i have yet to have my camera ready to document).

and, casey and i experienced a first last night as well.... eating out as a threesome. for those that talk to us frequently, or know us well, you know that we have a love for eating out. it is the ultimate in date for the two of us, and, provides such great conversation. so, with a little fear and trepidation at how the evening would turn out, we took asher with us for dinner at the kennedy school.
casey wore asher the entire meal, and he slept contentedly on daddy while he enjoyed his bleu cheese burger. we felt like we had triumphed yet another aspect of parenthood, incorporating our child into the things we like to do. i must say we are enjoying having another member to our family.

on another note, these pictures are of asher helping me with the laundry. as you can see, he doesn't like to help mama with the laundry. :)

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The Hunts said...

Oh, little are so,so cute!! Are those already little waves in his hair? And about eating is one of our favorite "after work" rituals too, a time to reconnect, chat, and eat good food. We always said, "well, after babies come we won't get to do this" but we chuckled the other day that somehow we still make it happen. We sling 'em too, and though it isn't always the most comfortable eating experience, it is still fun and still worth it. Cheers! Jen