Wednesday, November 26, 2008

thanks giving

thanks giving for:

sunshine and blue skies today
an adorable little boy

a four day weekend with my honey
time with family
my niece who turns three on saturday
(and the other niece and 6 nephews of ours)
anything pumpkin (i cannot stop making pumpkin bread these days)

a warm and safe place i call home
a redeemer, who delights in setting me free

starting a day early, but wishing you much to be t
hankful for this weekend.


rissaroe said...

Just look at that little cutie! Happy Thanksgiving, friend. Lucas and I got your Lahash letter in the mail before I left town. I am so excited about this for you guys. It looks perfect.

Jennifer A. said...

Gosh, your little boy is adorable.