Thursday, August 14, 2008


i usually say safety first, but this required picture first. he is a quick one!
mom, here's to old times!

"um.... i'm helping?!"


rissaroe said...

Look at that curious little monkey of yours! Is he close to walking yet?

Jocelyn said...

My Adrian is so curious about the dishwasher too!! He comes running (crawling) when he hears that lid come down. He bangs the bottom drawer in and out of the dishwasher, pulls out the silverware and redirties them by sucking on them, bangs away on the opened lid... so much fun! It is a favorite at our house (despite the hundreds of toys I've spent money on)!

Jenny and Joel said...

Cute little Asher...Joel just loved him. He loved getting to see you guys too. Thank you SO much for having him in your home--that really was a lifesaver! We think you guys are the greatest, Jen

Nannie said...

Yes it does bring back memories!! I believe that was one of your favorite spots at that age. HOW FUN!!! Asher you are some big boy!!! And we love you lots!!!