Wednesday, March 5, 2008

half birthday

Hi, my name is casey john, i mean asher john. casey is my dad, and, my mom thinks i look more like him all the time. i had my half birthday on saturday, which means i am becoming a big boy. i sit up all by myself, and can even keep from falling down, sometimes. i tried out the johnny jump up yesterday, and, although i don't quite get why i am suspended from the door frame, i sure do like to twist around and look at things. i think it could be a lot of fun to sit in it more. i don't really like to roll over, which is nice because my mom thinks that once i start moving, i won't stop. i really like it when my daddy comes home from work. we get to play and i show him how i can use my voice and squeal. my daddy sings me songs when i go to bed, which i really like. he is a really good singer.

it is fun getting older. i recommend it.


Court said...

Such a cutie! Happy 1/2 Birthday, Asher!

The Bittles said...

What a big boy! Enjoy those last few moments of "pre crawling". Every stage is absolutely amazing! Happy 6th month birthday Asher!

Anonymous said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Asher!! I'm looking forward to seeing how much you have grown!! And to feed you squash!! See ya soon.
with love,

Keith and Jen Johnson said...

I can't believe he's 6 months old already. Asher - we love you so much!
Auntie Jen, Uncle Keith, Leah and Kaya