Saturday, January 19, 2008

the maiden voyage

i find myself saying that a lot these past few days. within the course of just today, we have left asher, awake (or awake when we left), for the first time (thank you, auntie jen, uncle keith, and cousins leah and kaya for taking such good care of our little man. thanks for letting him nap at your house) so we could go to a missions conference. or, part of it.

and, we tried yogurt! unfortunately, this is the only picture we got of asher excitedly anticipating this brand new experience.

the entire eating process maybe lasted five minutes, of which asher probably ate no more than a 1/2 teaspoon. but, i was impressed at how he started to "get it." during attempt number two, asher started to follow the spoon, understand it was supposed to go to his mouth, and even opened his mouth a few times. i continue to be amazed at how quickly babies learn. this brand new experience started to make sense after just a few tries. incredible...

the older asher gets, the more i hear and the more i see him looking like a schilperoort. i love that asher continues to look more like his daddy. case in point - his expression in this picture makes me think "classic schilperoort." one eye squinted shut, unable to bear the tartness of something without it influencing the facial muscles. i love it!

the fun can only last for so long. everything must come to an end. but, no worries; tomorrow....steak.


Anonymous said...

Solids = too fun!!!! I should send you the video of Thad's first feeding. I was laughing so hard I was crying. He started out great but quickly started gagging and just couldn't stop. He hated solids. We first tried on his six month birthday and he didn't really "get it" until he was over 9 months old. I pretty much nursed exclusively for 9 months! Gwen was a totally different story. She's LOVED food since her first bite (also on her six month birthday). To this day Thad is still pretty picky (likes meat, bread and fruit) and Gwen will eat anything, anytime, anywhere. Kids are SO fun! Watching them grow and learn and express their own individual personalities is such a joy. We are SO blessed aren't we Abbe?! Miss you. You two are obviously amazing and great parents. Wish we could see you in action. God bless you!
Sarah :)

Anonymous said...

I love this blog stuff, makes me feel close even being 1800 miles away!! You are right, he is a Schil, and I too love seeing it!! It's hard to believe you're moving into a new stage already. Blessings on your journey!
Love ya,